A jQuery and WordPress image gallery
Includes slideshow, transition effects, multiple album options, CSS skinning and much more
Multiple skins, with different layouts and options
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Here are some of the amazing features
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  • Slideshow and transition effects
    Automatically transition between images with a choice of effects.
  • Full screen view
    Expand the gallery to fill the browser window and browse the gallery using the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Video support
    Displays videos from YouTube, Flickr or Picasa feeds, or any other source.
  • Flickr, Facebook & Picasa support
    Pull images or videos directly from Flickr or Picasa Web as well as images from Facebook.
  • Dynamic image sizing
    Images can be scaled automatically or set at a maximum scale size.
  • Displays HTML content
    Displays any HTML content using regular HTML tags.
  • Permalinks
    Link to or bookmark each image directly.
  • Cross-browser and mobile support
    Displays consistently on all major browsers, including iOS.
  • Divide images into albums and galleries
    Reuse the same images across multiple albums.
  • Responsive gallery
    Resizes automatically according to the screen or browser window size, also for mobile browsers.
  • Scrolling thumbnail carousel
    Display thumbnails vertically or horizontally, scrolled with mouse movement.
  • CSS skinning
    Create your own skin without any coding or JavaScript.
  • Dedicated WordPress admin panel
    Manage and upload images and albums in the WordPress version without technical knowledge.
  • Powerful API
    For full control over most aspects of TN3 Gallery.
See what our customers are saying...
Downloaded it, adjusted some things, worked right out of the box! Perfect deal!
- Johannes
I must say, this is the single most useful script for me! Awesome is the word.
- Vaibhav
The level of support we have received has been totally amazing! It's refreshing to see a company delivering such amazing customer service to go alongside an amazing plugin!
- Kerry
Thank your for this amazing wp plugin.
- Gökçin
Sick sweet sick!!! That's all I can say. This is awesome!!!!
- Chris
TN3 Gallery is very flexible, and even more so if you understand how to use it. It's professional, lightweight, yet simple, and very sexy. What more could I ask for? I think TN3 Gallery is as professional as you can get.
- Xarcell
Thank you for this awesome gallery.
- Jenn
I love your image control. It's slick and sexy.
- Quang
Wow that is amazing! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!
- Jay