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Road Rash is one of the most popular game of all time, which is known for simple motorbike racing mechanism, quirky features, and great graphics. During the first launch in 1991, this game was a big deal in the gaming history, and the developers come up with the latest versions lately.

The latest version was launched back in 2003, and it is known for individual races, wide maps, and tackling with the competitors. If you have played this game, then it can definitely bring nostalgia and make you try out something unique that you have never done before.

As we are talking about this fun racing game, you can find so many unique things in this game, and if you want to be the best gamer of this one, you just need to enhance overall skills by playing plenty of levels and then you are good to go.

There are plenty of modes also, which can let you explore a lot more than what you might be expecting from this game. So, let’s get started by learning more about it.

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How To Download Road Rash PC Instructions

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  • Step 3: You Will Get A Free Installer Officially Created From
  • Step 4: Install that .exe file and you would ready to install game files on PC
  • Step 5: You need a strong internet connection, Accepts Terms and Conditions, and select which folder you want to install Road Rash pc game for free
  • Step 6: The process can take some time as our server are most of the time busy be patience and wait for your download to complete
  • Step 7: Complete Installation and Enjoy Road Rash PC For free

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Road Rash – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: 1.4GHz processor or faster
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista
  • VIDEO CARD: DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with at least 512MB of video memory

Road Rash – Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: 2.0 GHz processor or faster
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
  • VIDEO CARD: DirectX 9-compatible graphics card with at least 1GB of video memory

Road Rash In-Game Screenshots

Here are few screenshots from Road Rash game from exclusively.

road rash ss2
road rash ss3
road rash ss4

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Modes of Road Rash

There is a total of three different modes in this game, and each one has its own difficulty level. While playing through the races, you can end up getting bored, that’s why you can try out other kinds of levels. Playing those levels will be a fun thing, and you can try them out. Let’s have a look –

  1. Thrash Mode

It is the common and most popular mode that is loved by everyone during the game. In 2003, this arcade mode was competing against such other kinds of racing games, and if you are playing the Thrash mode, you can find the arcade version of the game. There is nothing like character selection, or you don’t have to worry about the bike shop. This makes you feel less tense and keep on playing different levels. You need to pick the controller and get yourself in the race to get started.

  1. Big Game Mode 

By playing a big game mode, you can get into intense fun thriller races, and there is a whole chimichanga. You can find five different levels of head-splitting speeds, and you need to start by choosing an alias. You can complete races here on the rat bike and handful of cash. You can also upgrade by winning cash in the race, and it will help you enhance your bike. It is also going to help you win the respect of compadres; that’s why it is a great choice to try out.

  1. Mano-A-Mano Mode

Playing against a friend in duo mode is the best way to learn something new and to win over them. So, if you want to run a race against a friend, then this mode is perfect. Just ask your friend whether he/she would like to join, and then you are good to go. Choose bikes and compete against each other. This mode is also good for the friendly matches and enhancing the overall skills in this game; that’s why you can find it impressive.

Learning about all these modes can’t get you victory so, it is necessary that you harness overall skills in this game to become a master game.

Harness Your Skills 

In every racing game, it is necessary that you learn the basics of the game because they help to master the basics and to make you an advanced gamer. Let’s get started by learning about the top five important tips –

  1. Choosing Characters

Developers are offering plenty of modes in this game, and the best thing that you can find is, you have the option to choose a character. The qualities and skills don’t change much, but you can find better control with few, whereas some are good at beating others with a wrench. So, the offered characters in this game are –  

Axle – He is a model, cruel, bad boy with ruthless nature in this game. There is no positive side to him, so there is no need for nitpicking good things about him.

  • Height – 6’1”
  • Weight – 183 lbs
  • Cash – $200
  • Bike – 400cc Corsair Swallow
  • Weapon – Chain

Cydney Bass –The next character that you can unlock in this game is Cydney Bass, she is rich and a spoiled girl spending his money on the verge. You need to treat her right; otherwise, she is going to throw a tantrum.

  • Weight – 108 lbs
  • Height – 5’3”
  • Cash – $1000
  • Bike – 250cc Kamikaze ZYX 250

Bose Jefferson – You might end up judging Bose wrong from the casual Demeanor, but the best thing about him, his punch feels like a hammer striking on the head. He offers the best hit, and you can get rid of the competitor.

  • Height – 6’3”
  • Weight – 230 lbs
  • Cash   – $500
  • Bike – 250cc Kamikaze ZYX 250

There are many other characters, and their skills are mentioned on the main screen of the game. It can easily help you choose the best character.

Slim Jim – He is the best in a class of racing and the thing, you just need to drive perfectly, and you shouldn’t drop.  This can help you win over others.  

  • Height – 6’2”
  • Weight – 142 lbs
  • Cash – $600
  • Bike – 125cc Perro Pico
  1. Hitting Competitor

In many levels of the game, you have the option to take a headshot over the opponent using the tools you have. It depends upon that character you have. Some have a chain; some have wrenches, whereas some are kicking and punching in the face. While playing these levels, you just need to find the perfect character that you want to use. 

When the competitor is equal to you, then you need to go close and kick. Do go too close and make sure that you have a complete sight of the road to avoid bumping into any vehicle. This can prevent most of the problems and take over the other gamers. Chances of winning an increase in such cases. That’s why you can rely on it.

  1. Choose Track Wisely

A number of impressive tracks are in this game, which is overall enhancing the gameplay and offering a range of benefits. If you master a particular map and then keep on playing at the same, chances of winning enhances by several times. You need to know which map is perfect for your specific needs.

Even though you are playing this game for the first time, you can try out some of the unique maps to master the basics of the game and keep on getting better with time. It is all about coming up with the selection of a perfect track, and everything is done after that. You need to stay selective while choosing the maps.

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About Us was founded by Daniel Kroveski and Maria Williams. The website provides a huge Collection of PC Games, Our Aim is to provide 100% Free and Real Games to our Users

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