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Stronghold Crusader HD is one of the best real-time strategy games which can be played only on windows. It is developed by Firefly studios which are excellent in the field of video games and the game was released in 2002. In this, you will notice real time players playing the game.

Steam is the application with the help of which it can be downloaded easily. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough if you do not want to face any interruption in between. Build your own clan by holding various units, and do not forget to train them and provide them the best weapons in their hands.

Stronghold Crusader HD .EXE Information

Name Stronghold Crusader HD
Initial Release Date 25 September 2002
Series: Stronghold
Engine Rockstar Advanced Game Engine
Composer Robert L. Euvino
Platforms Single player, multiplayer (IPX, TCP/IP or Modem)
Developers Firefly Studios
Category Games > Strategy
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Last Updated: 6th, May 2020

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  • Step 7: Complete Installation and Enjoy Stronghold Crusader HD PC For free

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Stronghold Crusader HD – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.6Ghz or equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 with latest service packs
  • VIDEO CARD: 64MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible
  • SOUND CARD: DirectX 8.1 Compatible

Stronghold Crusader HD In-Game Screenshots

Here are few screenshots from Stronghold Crusader HD game from exclusively.


There are various Arabian units which can be purchased while getting the brand new building for defense. In this version, there are various additional arrangements have been made by which game has become more interesting to play. You have to fight several battles within game, such as the siege of Antioch, Krak des chevaliers, and much more.

 The journey is the only key to achieve succes. You have to walk on the journey to distant Arabian lands which are renowned for brave soldiers. Stronghold Crusader HD will offer you historical battles to fight in crusades. The opponents you will get are made up of artificial intelligence, and over 4 historical campaigns are there introduced in it. 

To make this game more interesting, there are over 100 new missions added, which can be played right after installing. Those missions are not only full of challenges but also they require strategies and skills to get over. You will be a sultan of Syria in this game whose main aim is to lead is crusaders to victory. 

There will be a large group of crusaders under you, which only moves on the command of you. Stronghold Crusaders HD consists of several campaigning missions such as first, second, and third crusaders, as well as tons of conflicts, to fight.

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Stronghold Crusaders HD is a little bit different from its predecessor as now it is settles in the Middle East. Farmers in game can now have the only option, which is oasis grass. They can grow crops on this grass for their living because of the changes made on the map. Farmers and the crops are the only sources from which resources can be collected. 

Now with real opponents, you will get artificial intelligence opponents who are not easy to be defeated. In the previous version, players units are blue in color, but now it has been changed to red for more clear identification and in order to match the color of Knights Templar. If you want more sources for resources other than crops, then you should go for iron ore, quarry, marshes as these are also responsible for the development of the kingdom by providing resources. 

To fight battles, the army would be required, which can be made by spending gold. You can create your army by creating heavy weapons or by turning peasants into soldiers by investing gold in them.

Features of Stronghold Crusaders HD you should know about

  • Build an army- It offers you to build your own army by using the strategy at the time of spending gold on the things. You should also take care of the weapons which can be created at the time of creating an army. Do not spend more on the weapons as you should spend more on making soldiers.
  • Battle tactics- There are different ways to fight the battle in Stronghold game like breach from the main gates or flank from behind. You need to understand the castle before battle because only then you can win the battle at ease. Moreover, there are many other ways like directly attacking on the walls and breach in which can be go wrong if they are having heavy weapons installed inside.
  • Choose your hero- Lots of heroes are there among which you can choose the best one for your game. You can choose Richard the Lion heart or the Saladin, etc. At the beginning sultan of Syria will be recommended to choose which you should give a look and think about it. Different heroes consist of different strategies that you need to keep in mind while choosing.
  • HD upgrade- The graphics of the game has been upgraded to the high definition, which provides are realistic feel while playing. You can also change the graphics setting under the settings tab of game according to your PC specs. In the battlefield, HD graphics make it easy to identify the enemy and their weapon without zooming in.
  • Double the fun- In stronghold crusader HD, you will get access to both of the crusaders, which is stronghold crusader and stronghold crusader extreme. Extreme consist of all the original story of the crusader with some extra benefits. Now units can be deployed from 1000 to 10000. The new defensive tower has been introduced, and that is Arrow Valley.

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Stronghold Crusader HD can be brutal sometimes at the time of battle because killing styles look so realistic within the Stronghold game. One thing you need to take care of is the upgrading of the troops. They can be upgraded as well as their weapons for more damage. 

In return, their hit points also get increased, which helps in making them, even more, stronger than before. At the time of the battle, make up the plan which you need to follow to get a lesser amount of your troops killed. Do not forget to check out the internet connection before running the game for zero interruption. Fight with real world players or artificial intelligence players as it is up to you.

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